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In memory of our unforgettable friend, R’ Shragee Gestetner Z”L

לע“נ ר' שרגא אליהו ז“ל ב“ר חיים אליעזר דוד געשטעטנער נ“י

כל המשחיר פניו על דברי תורה בעוה"ז 'הקב"ה מבהיק זיוו לעולם הבא'. (סנהדרין ק.)

כל העוסק בתורה 'הקב"ה עושה לו חפציו'. (ע"ז יט.)

כל העוסק בתורה 'נכסיו מצליחין לו'. (ע"ז יט.)

כל העוסק בתורה 'נעשה ראש ומלך'. (תנחומא תשא כ"ח)

כל מי שמוצא דברי תורה 'חיים הוא מוצא', לכך כתיב כי חיים הם למוצאיהם. (תנחומא עקב ה')

כל העוסק בתורה 'ניצול משיעבוד גליות'. (תנחומא ברכה ה').

אמר להם הקב"ה מכיון שקיבלתם עליכם עול תורה, מעלה אני עליכם 'כאילו לא חטאתם מימיכם. (ירושלמי ר"ה פ"ד ה"ח)

אשרי מי שקנה לו תורה, למה, 'לפי שהוא משמרת אותו מדרך רע'. (מדרש משלי ו')

כשם שא"א לו לאדם להיות בלא לחם ומים אפילו יום אחד, כך אי אפשר לו לאדם להיות בלא תורה אפילו שעה אחת. (תנא דבי אלי' זוטא י"ג)

אין הקב"ה מושיע ישראל אלא ע"י שעוסקים בתורה. (ילקוט שמואל קל"ט)

The Kavati Mission

Every Day Counts

Kavati is a fledgling initiative with an ambitious aim to revolutionize Torah learning in the Jewish world. The stated goal of Kavati is to make Torah study - even just a short amount of it - an integral and uncompromising part of every working Yid’s day.

Founded and funded in honor of our unforgettable friend Shragee Gestetner Z”L who so tragically left us during the Miron catastrophe, Kavati will educate, remind, lead and assist in the spread of Torah learning - not just because the Halacha demands it but also because it is our essence, our tree of life.

Kavati will be multifaceted and expansive. From arranging chavrusos according to each learner’s abilities to providing the infrastructure for learning and awareness, this program will change the face of the Jewish community. Shragee’s smiling face will continue to spread the joy of Torah.

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Kavati’s vision is geared towards the future; to bring about a fundamental change in Jewish life akin to what Daf Yomi achieved last century. The beginning of this undertaking is a year-long endeavor to raise awareness and set the operational infrastructure, as well as proper communication channels befitting this lofty movement.

But awareness and motivation are just the foundation. Soon the plan will progress into arranging chavrusos, helping first time learners, involving families, building an online Torah sharing platform, shiurim and more. Data will be gathered from website registrations, WhatsApp groups, phone system tracking and the like, to determine the impact of our work and where additional efforts are needed.

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Shragee took the microphone as his face beamed with pride. After two years, this was the first mesechta he had fully completed and he was reveling in the triumphant moment.

But this was not a moment to brag. Instead, he opened his heart and shared his incredible struggles to learn and understand Gemara for the first time in his life. Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, a wide smile was plastered on his face as he recounted these most vulnerable feelings.


Video of this speech has been viewed nearly 25,000 times since Shragee’s tragic passing on Lag Be’omar. Shragee’s story resonates because everyone can relate to it on some level. An everyday working man, with a family and business, one who had never been a learner, found meaning, purpose and simchas Hachaim in embracing daily Torah learning. “Why not me?”, people ask themselves.

During those sweet few years in his life, Shragee abandoned promising singing prospects and always put Torah first. Business would have to wait when it came to learning. Personal life would have to wait as well. Only once he satisfied his daily thirst for Torah, could he return to the life of a successful businessman and enjoy what the material world has to offer.


Shragee didn’t just serve as an inspiration based on the transformation people witnessed. He actively made it his life’s mission to tell everyone who was willing to listen — and even those who weren’t — that finding true inner joy is just a daily-learning-seder away!

After he passed, the true extent of his reach began to be realized. As more and more individuals shared what Shragee meant to them, the family embraced the mission of perpetuating his efforts as Shragee’s eternal legacy.

Let’s ensure that Shragee’s message continues to spread!

Kavati will be that message.

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